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My Running Hourglass by Joanne Jagoda

122 pages, Poetica Publishing, August 2020, Paperback
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My Runaway Hourglass

70 Poems Celebrating 70 Years


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Joanne Jagoda

Poet Joanne Jagoda

About My Book

My Runaway Hourglass celebrates my 70th birthday and represents a collection of 70 favorite poems written since 2009. Many are deeply personal. You will laugh and cry.

You might ask, why now? The serious health issues my husband and I weathered the past few years and certainly the Covid-19 crisis gave me a sense of urgency. We witnessed our world turn upside down practically overnight.

Life is fragile and uncertain, but time keeps flowing like sand in a runaway hourglass. Hold tight and accompany me on my roller coaster ride of self-discovery. I think you will learn something about yourself as well.


Joanne Jagoda’s poetry gives us the opportunity to reflect on our own lives by opening the doors to hers. Soul-crushing and breath-halting, but uplifting and life-affirming, I loved this collection in all its immersive humanity.

Matt Potter, author and publisher, Pure Slush and Truth Serum Press


Joanne’s poems reveal the treasures of living: the beauty and the grit, the joys and the sorrows, the dreams and the regrets.  The poignant recollections of the past are skillfully interspersed with the harsh realities of the present, and the buoyant anticipation of  the years to come.

Jennifer King, Downtown Oakland Senior Center Director and poet


Joanne’s poems paint pictures steeped in family, history, faith, and her unending fascination with the world. In lyrical language she reminds us that love is possible, hope is necessary, and that beauty rises up to meet us in the most unexpected places.

Teresa Burns Gunther, Author and Founder of Lakeshore Writers Workshop


As Joanne Jagoda takes us on a journey through many different stages of her life we become addicted to her highly readable poetry. Her deep insights make us feel like she is sitting right next to us, telling us stories of beauty and fearlessness, sadness and courage and, always, with unflinching honesty.

Linda Schreyer author, writing teacher

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