The Cuervo Gold and Clorox Blues

It’s not a good sign when you’re
mesmerized by the Westminster dog show.
Got to get out of this place.
Yes, even a well-planned foray
to Safeway will suffice.
I know I shouldn’t go, but I can’t relinquish
this last vestige of my old life.

Joanne Jagoda, Writer


Joanne Jagoda is a longtime resident of the Oakland hills. She was born in San Francisco in 1950,  a true baby boomer  and  a proud first generation American. Joanne’s parents fled Nazi Germany and met in San Francisco. Joanne grew up in the Richmond district near Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach.

Her short stories, poetry and creative nonfiction have appeared on-line and in numerous print anthologies.

Her writing is informed by being a “San Francisco girl.”

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