A Winter’s Day

Taking a walk  on a stunning Northern California winter’s day a teasing, tantalizing morsel of spring the sky a flawless blue, the sun inviting and healing a day begging for short sleeves and sunglasses barren tree limbs practically stretching like purring cats basking on a window seat I pull down my mask stealing a breathContinue reading “A Winter’s Day”

Interlude in Trader Joe’s Parking Lot

A man playing a saxsits on a makeshift stoolin Trader Joe’s parking lot, scrounging for his three kidshis sad story splayedon tattered cardboard, his reedy notesa brass confessionsoulful, plaintive, squandered in this shitty parking lotwith the bouquet of urinedrifting in from dark corners. I’m pulled in by the musiclike a rogue wave,and he has noContinue reading “Interlude in Trader Joe’s Parking Lot”