I Would have Called you Oma

I would have called you “Oma”

You would have called me “Little Doll”

I would have cuddled in your lap

You would have told me your stories

I would have gone to you when I was hurt

You would have kissed away my tears.

I would have looked like you

You would have laughed when people said that

I would have slept on your shoulder

You would have sung to me about geese and rabbits

I would have made cut out cookies with you

You would have taught me your recipes

I would have run to you with my report cards

You would have been beaming at my graduations

I would have helped you when you were sick

You would have held me when I had the chicken pox

I would have told you my secrets

You would have kept them forever

I would have brought around my sweetheart

You would have welcomed him into your arms

I would have stood under the chuppah

You would have wept tears of joy

But they shipped you on the train to Auschwitz

our precious spirit extinguished forever

And when I hold my own sweet grandchild

I think about you… I would have called you “Oma”

My grandmother Ethel Bernstein with two of her five sons, Marcus on the left and Leon on the right who were twins. She perished in Auschwitz.

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