After 49 Years

This article appeared in Riza Press Journal, January 2020 Showcasing real-life role models of healthy, loving relationships. In a world where media tends to glorify toxic relationships and technology makes it easier to  to swipe through new options instead of persevere through the emotional work of relationships, it’s time to turn the spotlight onto what’sContinue reading “After 49 Years”

7 Tips for a Successful Grandchildren Sleepover

This article appeared in Grand Magazine, September 2019 Well, you said “yes” and now you have to entertain your grandchildren, ages two and four for a weekend, which can mean up to 72 hours but who’s counting?  Whether you are called Grandma, or Abuela, or Nana, or in my case Savta (Hebrew for grandmother) youContinue reading “7 Tips for a Successful Grandchildren Sleepover”